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October 2017


4’s Classes Show & Share

Both of our 4’s classes will be having Show & Share on the first and third Wednesday of each month.  We will be sharing our "Family Page" for the first one so you will not have to send in anything else.  Check your monthly calendar for the topic of the item your child should bring in and discuss with the class.  


Fire Safety Month


We will be celebrating Fire Safety month with a visit from the Auburn Fire Department.  A fire fighter will join us in class and talk to us about fire safety.  They will dress up in their equipment and hopefully bring the fire engine for us to explore!  Please let us know if you have any concerns with your child being afraid of anything. 


School Pictures

Gallery Portraits will be coming in to take pictures of all of the children.  Permission slips will be sent home soonIt is important that you complete the form and return it before picture day.   There is no obligation or money up front.  Pictures will be sent home for you to review and decide if you would like to purchase any.  You are welcome to include siblings in the pictures.  Please see Cathy.    The schedule is as follows during class time: 

3’s – Thurs. Oct 12th 

4AM – Wed. Oct 11th   

4PM– Wed. Oct 11th



We will be celebrating Halloween with a party and a parade.  All of the classes will be having a party with special activities and snacks.  Sign-up sheets to contribute snacks and a couple of party volunteers will be posted shortly for each of the classes.  The children can wear their costumes to school for our fun Halloween parade in the parking lot about 5-10 minutes after class begins.  Please make sure your child’s costume does not include any type of weapons.  They can wear their costume for the day but they may want a change of clothes if their costume becomes uncomfortable or too warm (especially the Enrichment crew).   


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Columbus Day
Please be reminded we will not be in session on Monday, October 9th in observance of Columbus Day.


Parking Lot

Please be reminded to drive slowly and carefully in the parking lot. There are a lot of people walking in and out and we want to make sure we are all safe.  Also remember to shut off your engine if there isn’t anyone in the driver’s seat.  It is not only unsafe, it’s illegal.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


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Flu season is rapidly approaching.  Don’t forget your child’s flu vaccination.

Tuition is Due

Please be reminded that your October tuition is now due.    A late fee of $15.00 is applied to payments received after the 14th of the month.  There is a $25.00 fee for returned checks.  Payment receipts are available upon request.



Lending Library

Please be reminded that we have a Lending Library waiting for you to borrow a book.  We are adding new titles all the time for your family’s enjoyment and reference.  If you have any specific topics you’d like to see available, please don’t hesitate to let me know.


10/12 - Picture Day

10/13 Book Orders Due

10/24 Fire Fighter Visit

10/31 – Halloween Celebration


10/11 Picture Day

10/13 Book Orders Due

10/18 Show & Share

Letters L & F

10/23 Fire Fighter Visit

10/30 – Halloween Celebration



10/11 - Picture Day

10/13 Book Orders Due

10/18 Show & Share Letters L & F

10/24 Fire Fighter Visit

10/31 – Halloween Celebration


During the month of September, our Enrichment class was filled with activities centered  around getting to know one another.  We started off the month learning about shapes.  We tied it into our theme; “ALL ABOUT ME!” as the children invented themselves out of shapes.  It was so exciting to watch as the children came over to this center and create their masterpieces of themselves.  We then explored measuring each other in the block area and discovering who was the tallest and shortest among our friends in our class.  The children also learned that we are all special, we all have our own unique names, enjoyed activities centered on their names using songs, bingo, and “magic ink”!  It was an exciting month for all and a great way to kick off our Enrichment class.  Thank you to all!  ~ :)  Mrs. Casey, Ms. Joanne, and Ms. Barbara 



Please let me know if you have any questions!