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March 2018

Prize Calendar Fund Raiser

We will kick off our Prize Calendar fund raiser on March 8th & 9th. Calendars with over $1,600 worth of prizes will be sent home with each child. We have prizes such as NH Fisher Cats, Palace Theatre, Cowabunga's, and much, much more.  All proceeds will help fund our year end Field Day as well as classroom materials!


Preschool Developmental Skills

We know that you might ask yourselves why we do different activities with your children.  We have enclosed is a booklet for our 3's class and new 4's classes kiddos describing different developmental skills that are happening in the classroom daily.  We thought you might appreciate knowing that there is “a method to our madness”.  If you ever have any questions about your child’s development or did not receive a booklet but would like one, please do not hesitate to ask. 


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Tuition is Due

Please be reminded that your March tuition is now due.    A late fee of $15.00 is applied to payments received after the 14th of the month.  There is a $25.00 fee for returned checks.  Payment receipts are available upon request. 


Granite State Gym

All of our classes will be going to the Granite State Gym for a day of fun exercise and fun.  The children will need to wear comfortable gym clothes along with their royal blue field trip shirts.  Siblings will not be able to participate but they can stay with parents in the observation room.  Due to the increase in cost we will need to ask for a partial payment of $2 per child. A field trip permission slip will be sent home the week of 3/5. If you are planning on meeting us there, please let us know beforehand so we are not waiting for you.   The morning 4's class will begin at 10:15 at the gym, NO class before hand.  The scheduled times are as follows:


~ 3’s–Tues. 3/20 @ 9:15

~ 4PM–Tues. 3/20 @ 12:30

~ 4AM–Wed. 3/21 @ 10:15 to 11:45




· Ms Audrey will visit 3/6

· Book Orders Due 3/9

· Granite State Gym Tues. 3/20 @ 9:15

· Prize Calendar Fundraiser Begins 3/8 and end 3/28. Details to follow.

· Easter Party 3/29

· We have been practicing cutting with scissors.  We encourage you to have your child work on this skill at home.




· Book Orders Due 3/9

· Granite State Gym Wed.  3/21 starting at 10:15

· Prize Calendar Fundraiser Begins 3/8 and end 3/28. Details to follow

· Easter Party 3/30






· Book Orders Due 3/9

· Granite State Gym Tues. 3/20 @ 12:30

· Prize Calendar Fundraiser Begins 3/8 and end 3/28. Details to follow

· Easter Party 3/29



During the entire month of February, our enrichment class explored the 5 senses.  February was filled with activities surrounded by touching, hearing, seeing, smelling, and tasting.  The children had fun using their listening ears to hear sounds around the classroom.  The children also used their sense of sight when playing memory & scavenger hunt games.  They used this sense once again when estimating candy hearts and tasting  them of course.  It was wonderful to see the children’s amazement when they counted out the candy hearts to see whose guess was closest to the number.   The children used their sense of touch when manipulating paint to create colorful Valentine decorations for the classroom.  We ended the month with learning about dental health.   We learned about “sugar bugs” and how they can cause cavities on our teeth when we don’t brush or take care of our teeth properly.  We experimented with tooth brushes & tooth paste (smell of mint) on different surfaces to get them clean.  It was a sensational month for all!  Enjoy the winter break!  ~ Mrs. Casey,  Ms. Joanne  & Ms. Barbara :) ~


Please let me know if you have any questions or comments!